Meditation is the ability to calm & relax the mind.

Welcome to Journey into Tranquility! 

Our mission is to to affect one million lives or more for positive change.

Join our movement. How do we do it? Through guided meditation.

Journey into Tranquility is a meditation certification program designed to train you how to relax and transition your mind into a peaceful state. In turn, you learn effective techniques to teach your clients how to enter into a meditative state. Become an instructor with us!

This course is approved for CECs with NCCPT, A.A.P.T.E, Yoga Alliance and The Canadian Association of Integrative Nutritionists.

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Whether you want to learn how to meditate on your own or you want to teach meditation as a career, Journey into Tranquility meditation certification is for you! It gives you the power to incorporate meditation into your current business or create a new career by becoming a meditation instructor.

The Journey into Tranquility certification class is approved by the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers as a CEU meditation course. The Journey into Tranquility certification is an online course that can be taken for those who would like to teach meditation. 

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Achieve a Meditation Certification in Three Easy Steps!


The proper way to breathe is the first step to relax you body, when done the right way. By calming the nervous system, you can accomplish relaxation of the mind and body quickly. This course teaches several breath awareness and breathing techniques that allow the mind and body to fully relax, allowing someone to enter into a meditative state.


The world provides a lot of chaos to our daily routine. In order for someone to enter into a meditative state, the mind needs to be refocused. Refocusing the mind permits the mind to create new thought patterns, while allowing the opportunity to escape daily negative stress. We teach effective techniques to refocus the mind to help one achieve a meditative state.


Create a guided meditation experience for your clients that promotes inner peace and stillness. A journey in the mind can be taken once a day or any time you feel stressed. When you return to you'll feel rested and ready to join the world. Learn to take your clients on a journey that provides inner peace, creating from real life experiences you've personally been through.

Transforming the Lives of Our Clients!

Laurisa Truemper

CHHC / Empowered by Laurisa / Denver, CO

"As a certified health coach and one that focuses on holistic living, Journey Into Tranquility was exactly what I needed to enhance my wellness practice, and my own mindfulness- as an entrepreneur we all need some help with that! It is powerful being certified to teach meditation, as I now have the skills to truly take my client's health to the next level. I'm going to be able to add this into programs and classes which is going to increase my income- grateful for that! Thank you Briana for your knowledge, experience and sharing it with me."

Jessica Rosas

Certified Pilates Instructor

Chicago, IL

“My meditation sessions with Briana and team are incredibly effective and have left me with a sense of calmness and feeling of inner peace. Each time, I have felt transported in our 'journeys', achieving a balanced state with her breathing and visualization techniques. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a transformative, positive experience in an approachable way.”

About Briana Bragg- Meditation Educator:

Briana’s mission is to empower individuals to become successful meditation practitioners by providing them the necessary training and tools. In turn, this allows them to progressively grow and pass their knowledge down to their clients. Briana has been an active meditator for over 6 years and has been certified and teaching others meditation for over 3 years.

Briana knows giving someone plans and letting them go on their own does not create an accomplished individual. It’s also addressed through on-going resources, community, and partnership, this is why she created the Journey into Tranquility certification program.

Giving someone training and tools does not guarantee successful implementation of the techniques. No implementation = No results! Everything that goes against Briana’s mission. The mission to provide training and build a community of resources, partnership, motivation, and results! It is her goal to build a team of amazing instructors who get to travel the world and bring back beautiful life experiences to their clients.

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